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2005 Poll Results/Press Releases
Catch up on the latest press releases from BRCīs national and regional public opinion surveys and other general interest surveys conducted by the Center.

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2005-IV-08: Napolitano - Goddard Job Performance Rating Stable - Legislature Does Its Annual October Dip McCain Continues As Arizona's Most Popular Elected Official


2005-IV-07: Low Turnout Among Arizona Latinos May Trace To Lack Of Visible Latino Political Heros
2005-IV-06: Terry Goddard And Janet Napolitano Building Depth Of Support Among Latino Voters
2005-IV-05: Bush Job Approval Among Arizona Latinos Sinks To 29%. Nearly Half Believe He Is Doing A Poor Job As President
2005-IV-04: Senator Jon Kyl Holds 24-Point Lead Over Jim Pederson, But Job Performance Rating Has Slipped
2005-IV-03: Arizona Consumer Confidence Bucks National Trend
2005-IV-02: 70 Percent Of Republicans Uncommitted In GOP Primary; Napolitano Bests John Green And Don Goldwater By 5 To 2 In Test Elections
2005-IV-01: Approval Of Bush Job Performance Hits Historic Low In Arizona. Negative Ratings Outpace Favorable Ones For First Time


2005-III-11: Immigration Debate Coverage Leads Arizonans To Exaggerate The Proportion Of Illegal Aliens In The Workforce; Ignites Hostile Feelings Toward Businesses Who Hire Them


2005-III-10: Public Over-Estimates Illegal Immigrant Population In Arizona And Believes Most Latinos Cannot Speak English
2005-III-09: Voters Split 50-50 On Whether To Re-elect Congressional Delegation, But Hard-Core Opposition Not Strong
2005-III-08: Half Of Voters Plan To Re-elect Kyl And Napolitano: Among Decided Voters, Support For Incumbents Very Strong
2005-III-07: Business Confidence In Economy Starting To Soar


2005-III-06: Taxpayers Generally Happy With City And County Government Although Tucson Appears Off The Pace; State Thought Headed In Right Direction
2005-III-05: Senator Jon Kyl Job Ratings Move Up As Re-election Bid Approaches
2005-III-04: Terry Goddard Edges Upward In Public Esteem


2005-III-03: Consumer Confidence Rises In Arizona
2005-III-02: Send Me The Bill! Public Backs Requiring More Renewable Energy Generation By Utilities
2005-III-01: Bush Ratings Improve: Economy Helps Buoy Numbers, But Deficit Spending, Health Care And Iraq Dampen Gains


2005-II-10: Latinos Nominate Most Popular Latino Actors/Vocalists Salma Hayek #1 On The Screen; Vicente Fernandez And Jennifer Lopez Top Vocalists
2005-II-09: Confidence In Local Economy Falls Off; Views Surprisingly Partisan
2005-II-08: Bush Job Rating Decline Stops In Maricopa County


2005-II-07: Budget Agreement Sits Well With Voters
2005-II-06: Bush Job Approval Only 35 Percent Among Arizona Latinos. Bush Rating Has Little Or No Impact On McCain Or Kyl
2005-II-05: Governor Napolitano Enjoys 4.5 - To - One Approval Among Arizona Latinos Attorney General Goddard Less Widely Known, But Well Regarded
2005-II-04: Arizona On "Right Track" - More Or Less


2005-II-03: President Bush Job Ratings Hit Historic Low In Arizona
2005-II-02: Arizona Consumer Confidence Takes Sharp Drop
2005-II-01: Governor Ratings Up - Legislature Ratings Down; Attorney General Ratings Stable


2005-I-07: Business People Underwhelmed By New Tax Policies


2005-I-06: Business Confidence In The Economy Rises To Highest Level Since First Quarter 2001
2005-I-05: Public Split On State Mandating To Schools On Sale Of Candy And Soft Drinks On Campus
2005-I-04: Napolitano, McCain Job Ratings Hit Record High Marks


2005-I-03: Air Pollution Complaints Rise Across Arizona To Highest Level In Five Years
2005-I-02: Bush Job Ratings Edge Upward But Deep Concerns Found On Deficit And Health Care Policies
2005-I-01: Consumer Confidence Rises In Arizonans Confidence Continues Surge In Maricopa
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