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2006 Poll Results/Press Releases
Catch up on the latest press releases from BRCīs national and regional public opinion surveys and other general interest surveys conducted by the Center.

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2006-III-05: Napolitano Trumps Legislature On Most Issues Facing Arizona Says The Public
2006-III-04: Consumer Confidence Jumps In Tucson, Slumps In Arizona's Rural Areas
2006-III-03: Presidential Preferences: Hillary Clinton Top Choice Of Arizona Democrats John McCain Favorite Among Republicans, But Rudy Giuliani Reveals Strength Here


2006-III-02: Goldwater Leads GOP Primary, But With Barely A Fifth Of Votes: Napolitano Swamps Challengers
2006-III-01: U.S. Senate Race: Pederson Loses Ground After Early Gain - Need To Sustain Media Campaign Very Apparent
2006-III-02: Arizona Latino Voters Heavily Support Napolitano And Favor Two To One For Pederson
2006-III-01: Hilary Clinton Top Presidential Choice Of Latino Democrats; John McCain Head Man Among Republican Latinos


2006-II-05: 73% Favor Immigration Reform To Permit Workers To Enter U.S. Without Breaking The Law; Most See No Terrorist Threat From Illegal Worker Immigrants
2006-II-04: Gasoline Prices Now A "Big Time" Election Issue
2006-II-03: Consumer Confidence Off Eight Points In May
2006-II-02: Goldwater Still Leads GOP Primary For Governor But Most Republicans Still On The Fence
2006-II-01: U.S. Senate Race Tightens Up Dramatically - Pederson Now Trails Kyl By Only Seven Points


2006-I-09: Maricopa Consumers Still Reluctant To Forecast That Local Economy Is "Getting Better"
2006-I-08: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Job Approval Tops 64 Percent; Transportation Planners Draw A Mixed Review
2006-I-07: Iraq War - Support For Getting Out Rises Dramatically Among Women In Phoenix Area
2006-I-06: State Of The Union Speech Viewed By One-Third Of Adults; Less Than Half Impressed


2006-I-05: Napolitano And McCain Job Ratings Very High; Kyl Esteem Rebounds, As Does Legislature's


2006-I-04: Stagnant - Polluted Air Affects Six Of Ten Arizonan Families Five Percent Report Family Member Was Hospitalized
2006-I-03: Bush: Supreme Court Appointments Draw Support; Defecit Spending, Health Care Policies & Iraq Exit Strategy Heavily Criticized
2006-I-02: Senator Jon Kyl And Governor Janet Napolitano Widen Leads Over Challengers; Len Munsil Could Could Become A Factor In The GOP Primary
2006-I-01: Consumer Confidence Jumps To Near Historic High Levels In Arizona


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