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2010 Poll Results/Press Releases
Catch up on the latest press releases from BRC´s national and regional public opinion surveys and other general interest surveys conducted by the Center.

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2010-IV-06: Consumer Confidence In Arizona On The Rise; Planned Purchasing Up In All Categories; Six Of Ten Private Sector Employees Say Their Companies Are Growing
2010-IV-05: Prop 203: Marijuana Proposition Well Ahead; Prop 106: Health Care Measure Ahead; Prop 109: Hunting And Fishing Proposition Ahead But Close
2010-IV-04: McCain Holds A 49 To 21 Percent Lead Over Democrat Glassman, But Has Weak Appeal Outside Of GOP. Glassman Numbers Stagnant All Summer
2010-IV-03: Attorney General A Dead Heat
2010-IV-02: November Turnout Could Be Above Average, Especially For Moderates, Republicans & Older Voters
2010-IV-01: Brewer Leads Goddard By Three Points Brewer’s Lead Widens Among Likely Voters. A Fifth Of Voters Remain Undecided


2010-III-09: Support For Federal Tax Increases Unpopular; Environmental Issues Important But Losing Steam


2010-III-08: 13% Thinking About Leaving Arizona - Poor Job Market Plays Major Role
2010-III-07: Job Ratings Erode For Senators Kyl And McCain
2010-III-06: Concerns About Jobs, Family Income And Business Climate Drives Consumer Confidence In Arizona Even Lower
2010-III-05: Political Extremism Growing In Arizona; Arizona Office Holders Seen As Losing Their Ability To Compromise For The Public Good
2010-III-04: Four Of Ten Independents May Participate In Primary Elections... GOP The Major Beneficiary
2010-III-03: President Barack Obama Job Ratings Hit All Time Low In Arizona
2010-III-02: Terry Goddard Trailing 20 Points Behind Jan Brewer In Contest For Governor
2010-III-01: John McCain Trouncing J.D. Hayworth But His Job Ratings Still Soft; Jan Brewer Was Clobbering Mills And Martin On Eve Of Their Withdrawal


2010-II-04: Arizona Consumer Confidence In Doldrums Job Worries Are Huge & May Impact Elections;
Consumer Planned Buying Sputters 87%: "No Definite Plans" To Buy
2010-II-03: Attitudes On Recent Immigration Law Divides Arizona On Partisan And Ethnic Grounds Support Now Only 52%
2010-II-02: Jan Brewer Edging Ahead In GOP Primary For Governor


2010-II-01: Hayworth Unlikely To De-Horse McCain In Primary: But McCain Drops To 46 Percent In General Election Test Gets Negative Marks On Border Issues And Jobs


2010-I-06: Fifth Of Arizona Consumers Plan To Buy Major Durables - A Level About Half Of Earlier Studies
2010-I-05: Commercial Flyers Favor Airport Security Measures But Balk On No Carry-On Liquids; Women Least Intimidated By "Pat Downs"
2010-I-04: Voters On Edge - Two Parties Face More Erosion More Will Re-Register As Independents


2010-I-03: McCain Job Ratings Favorable But At Lowest Level Since 1994
2010-I-02: Arizona Consumer Confidence Drops In Arizona - Obama Approval Slips As Well
2010-I-01: Sheriff Arpaio's Popularity Collapses
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