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2011 Poll Results/Press Releases
Catch up on the latest press releases from BRCīs national and regional public opinion surveys and other general interest surveys conducted by the Center.

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2011-IV-06: Registered Voters In Arizona: Diversity - Not Party - Is The Hallmark. Moderates At Parity With Conservatives
2011-IV-05: Loyalty To American Workers Said Lacking By U.S. Corporations, Wall Street, Bankers And The Congress


2011-IV-04: Consumer Confidence In Arizona Showing Signs Of Life; Can Arizona Buck The National Trend?
2011-IV-03: Occupy Wall Street Already As Well Known In Arizona As Is The Tea Party; Each Attract Different Constituencies And Both Are Controversial
2011-IV-02: Reduced Spending Reported By Three Quarters Of Arizona Families
2011-IV-01: Arizona Republicans Currently Favor Romney And Cain; Perry In A Distant 3RD Place; Obama Holding His Own In Test Elections


2011-III-04: College Tuition Plans Peak Among Hispanics Also Airline Travel And Medical/Dental Spending
2011-III-03: Two Thirds Of Arizonans Unable To Take A Vacation Away From Home
2011-III-02: 63% Say Arizona Job Market Is Bad; Across Arizona Deep Consumer Apprehension About Business Conditions; Planned Buying Static
2011-III-01: 4 of 10 Voters Question Whether Democrat Or Republican Should Replace Retiring Jon Kyl In U.S. Sentate; Independents May Give The Americans Elect Party A Foothold


2011-II-06: Ranks Of Political Moderates Growing In Arizona, Only 20 Percent Are "Very Conservative"
2011-II-05: Pima Sheriff Dupnik Ratings Mixed; Rural County Sheriffs In Generally Good Odor; Maricopa Sheriff Arpaio Popularity Continues To Slide
2011-II-04: Arizonan's Priority For Reducing Federal Defecit - Stick It To The Rich; Budget Freeze At Current Spending Level Is Divisive; Tax Hikes Plus More Spending Cuts Seen AS Best Solution To Deficit Problem
2011-II-03: Brewer Applauded By Conservatives; Legislature Draws Thumbs Down From All, Including Conservatives
2011-II-02: Planned Consumer Buying Looks Positive Even Though Consumer Confidence Drops In Arizona
2011-II-01: Confidence In Arizona's Two U.S. Senators Erodes;
Obama's Ratings Low But Improving Even Before Bin Laden's Death


2011-I-01: Arizona Consumer Confidence Rises Second Quarter In A Row Planned Consumer Buying Also Shows Strength
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